Overseas Employer

Overseas Employer

As overseas companies expand their global reach, they may wish to send employees to the UK. There are some key issues and legal obligations that should be considered:

  • should you register with HMRC?
  • is there a legal obligation to deduct tax from employees ?
  • what are the social security implications (called National Insurance in the UK)?
  • are you required to operate a UK payroll?  PetersonSims can manage this and deal with all RTI reporting.

There are many tax planning opportunities, especially if the employee is regarded as not domiciled in UK.  If there are substantial tax savings for your employees, this can translate into tax savings for you, too.

To be most effective, it is better to establish domicile status before your employee arrives in the UK . If however they are already in post, we can still propose some planning which would be cost effective.


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