Assignment Planning

Assignment Planning

In today’s global business world, employee mobility is more commonplace.  Governments have been creative in developing schemes aimed at attracting overseas employees. To expand abroad successfully, companies must be able to assign the right people to the right locations at the right time.

A full understanding of the correct tax and legal procedures will ensure clients save time and money and avoid potential penalties. Whether an employee is being seconded abroad or to another site within the home country, planning to minimise costs is essential. Frequently asked questions include :

  • What benefits can be provided to employees and what are the costs and implications?
  • What are the social security and tax impacts of an international assignment?
  • Are there circumstances which enable expats to benefit from tax advantages in the UK or overseas?
  • How many days does an employee need to spend in a different jurisdiction to be considered resident for tax purposes?

PetersonSims has a network of global tax experts

We provide advice to determine tax residence, tax-free allowances, tax-preferred remuneration planning and ensure compliance. In many countries, where you have no existing corporate presence, we can advise as to your employer obligations including :

  • designing a remuneration package
  • withholding taxes from your employees
  • assisting in the registration of a local payroll
  • the operation of a local payroll

If you are an employer with a larger programme of assignees, we can :

  • draft international relocation policies
  • provide tax equalisation or tax protection policies
  • advise on secondment agreements
  • prepare hypothetical tax and gross-up calculations

When considering overseas expansion you will need experienced professional advisers.  PetersonSims has their own in-house expat team and an extensive network of trusted global partners offering worldwide local knowledge.


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