UK Sole Trader

UK Sole Trader

As Chartered Accountants, we support sole trader businesses across a wide variety of industries to help them become as tax efficient as possible. Even if you are a small self-employed business, you will still need help dealing with red tape to ensure that your business is succeeding in the way you want.

We know that your priority is to focus on your product or service and not spend time being distracted with bookkeeping or other financial requirements.  PetersonSims will work with you to quantify your business goals and aims, discuss how we can work together to achieve that, put your plans into action and then monitor and review the outcomes. As a sole trader you may also need a business mentor; someone to talk to about your ideas and how to implement them– we can do this.

Accounting Systems

We also work with most of the acknowledged online accounting systems and we can advise you on how to use them effectively, to comply with best practice and HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative.

And as you would expect of your accountant, we keep on top of all your compliance and tax needs.


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