Tax Health Check

Tax Health Check

Most UK taxpayers who are in employment believe that the amount of PAYE deducted from their salary or pension is correct.  Most assume that they neither owe nor have overpaid tax.  However,  in recent years, computer problems at HMRC have led to a significant number of taxpayers receiving unexpected demands for tax relating to previous years.

If you have received an unexpected demand, or you simply wish to check that all is correct, PetersonSims offer a Tax Health Check.

We can:

  • examine all relevant aspects of your PAYE affairs
  • provide you with a computation of your tax liabilities for the relevant earlier years
  • offer advice on potential tax savings
  • claim any refunds which are still within time

If you are planning for retirement, or have a new job or your family situation has changed PetersonSims can advise on the correct income tax treatment.   Equally, talk to us if you are moving overseas with a pension (state, government or private) as the tax situation may not be as you would expect.  Our Tax Health Check can inform all of the above situations.


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