Social Security Planning

Social Security Planning

Growing your business overseas can be a huge opportunity.  However, managing the challenges presented by a global economy and moving employees across borders needs expert advice. One area that needs careful planning are social security charges (National Insurance in the UK).

Social security charges are a major component of your staff costs. If you are looking for ways to minimise these costs in relation to :

  • seconding or posting employees overseas
  • recruiting overseas for a new employee

you should seek advice at an early stage from PetersonSims, who can help plan for the work assignment.

Making Sense of Regulations

The EU Regulations on the payment of social security contributions are now well established. However, it is possible for clients to misinterpret the rules and pay contributions in the wrong jurisdiction. Since both employer and employee contributions are affected, this can be an expensive mistake to make.

We can help you find a solution to your spiraling social security costs; whether you are an owner-managed business with directors living outside the UK or a business considering expansion into Europe or beyond.

PetersonSims has extensive experience of planning based around :

  • EU regulations
  • reciprocal social security agreements with non-EU countries
  • assignments to non-agreement countries


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