Overseas Expat
Arriving in the UK

Overseas Expat Arriving in the UK

Global mobility is a growing trend in today’s international business environment; both employers and employees are seeking opportunities in overseas locations.  PetersonSims has years of experience advising expats arriving in the UK on their UK tax status.

We can advise on :

  • UK tax residence and domicile status
  • planning for arrival in the UK and registering for self assessment
  • payroll services including modified PAYE for expat employees
  • remittance planning for non-domiciled individuals resident in the UK; planning  is most effective if done before you arrive
  • taxation of income and capital gains
  • inheritance tax rules on UK and overseas assets
  • landlords renting out properties
  • preparation of annual tax returns and filing with HMRC

If you are coming to the UK to work for a limited period, there are opportunities to structure your salary package. PetersonSims can advise on how best to maximise the tax reliefs for travel & subsistence expenses.

If you are from within the European Union or from other countries that have a Reciprocal Social Security Agreement with the UK, PetersonSims will determine whether you can obtain exemption from UK National Insurance.


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