We are currently preparing UK tax returns for our clients for the year to 5 April 2013. Many of these clients come to us for our French tax expertise but have been unaware that they have been overpaying UK taxes for years.

The typical scenario is of a person in receipt of a UK pension which is taxable in France (under the terms of the 2008 Double Tax Convention between UK and France). However, because the client hasn’t previously informed HMRC that they are declaring the pension in France they are issued with a tax code and tax is deducted at source in UK.

In addition they may be in receipt of UK bank interest also suffering a tax deduction at source.

In either of these situations we can help you to recover these overpaid taxes for up to three years previously.

If you are tax resident in France and have UK pensions or savings interest suffering tax deductions please contact us and we can advise if a refund claim may be advisable.