The number of foreign residents in Monaco has grown by nearly 3%

Our Monaco Associate, Cécile Acolas, from Rosemont Consulting in Monte Carlo reports that figures recently released show that the number of foreign residents has grown by nearly 3% in the past year.  A total of 1800 new residency permits were awarded in 2013.

The principality’s foreign population at 31 December 2013 officially stands at 24,992, which is an increase of 695 over last year’s figures.    The top of the list, by nationality, of the new arrivals during 2013 makes interesting reading:

  • Italians – 245
  • Russians – 107
  • Swiss  – 75
  • British –  37

Unsurprisingly, there has been a slowdown in the number of people leaving Monaco and there were just ten fewer French nationals living in Monaco than in the previous year.