The French tax period is for the calendar year so our clients with French income are drawing up details for 2018

As the UK tax filing season comes to an end and several hundred returns have been successfully submitted for our clients, PetersonSims turns its attention to preparing French tax declarations.

Clients with French income are drawing up their details for 2018, as the French tax period is for a calendar year (1st January to 31st December).  These clients include residents of France and many non-residents who simply let out holiday homes in France.

2018 has seen some significant changes in French tax rules with the introduction of prélèvement a la source (tax at source), the resultant année blanche and the introduction of a flat-rate 30% tax option for investment income. These changes will result in extra calculations to ensure our clients interests are protected and to ensure they don’t pay more tax than required.

Income tax bands have also been announced as follows :

  • Up to €9 964  (0%)
  • from €9 964 to €27 519  (14%)
  • from €27 519 to €73 779  (30%)
  • from €73 779 to €156 244  (41%)
  • above €156 244  (45%)

If you require advice about French personal tax then please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]