overseas expat arriving in the uk

We have years of experience in advising overseas nationals arriving in the UK on their UK tax status. 

We can determine whether you will qualify for the special remittance basis of taxation applying in the UK to non-domiciled individuals (non-doms) and help you to structure your affairs such that you can maximise the reliefs available under the remittance basis.  Planning for the remittance basis is most effective if it can be done before you arrive in the UK, so we would recommend that you contact us prior to your arrival in order to take full advantage of the rules applicable to non-doms.

If you are coming to the UK to work for a limited period, there are opportunities to structure your salary package to maximise the tax reliefs for your travel & subsistence expenses whilst here.

If you are from a country within the European Union or from Japan or other countries that have a Reciprocal Social Security Agreement with the UK, we can advise on the social security position and determine whether you can obtain exemption from UK National Insurance Contributions.