expatriate tax

We specialise in advising those working or retiring abroad, or those living outside the UK but still involved in UK owner-managed businesses or those coming to the UK on work assignments.

Residence status is key to where and how you are taxed. Our expatriate tax directors, Paulette Peterson and Oliver Dupuy, can advise you on the implications of residence in different jurisdictions and the impact of the international Double Tax Agreements (known as treaties) in determining your tax liabilities, particularly if you retain assets or work in one jurisdiction but actually reside in another jurisdiction.

We will advise you on the correct UK and overseas tax treatment, ensuring that income is taxed in the correct jurisdiction and that treaty exemptions are properly acknowledged in each country. 

Our expatriate client base ranges from retirees to international employees from leading global companies such as Google, Microsoft, Schlumberger, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Hewlett Packard, ARM, NASDAQ, Blackberry, Ferrari F1, Chubb, Qatar Airways, British Airways, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.