uk employer with expat employees

Employers need to control costs in relation to overseas assignments, particularly with regards to social security liabilities and payment of tax liabilities on expat allowances, benefits etc.

We can advise on all aspects of assignment planning:

  • drafting expat relocation policies, tax equalisation policies etc

  • advising on social security mitigation

  • advising on the initial structure of overseas assignments to maximise tax reliefs for travel and subsistence expenditure

  • obtain certificates of coverage within the UK NIC scheme

  • providing payroll for UK employers needing a “host” location payroll service in selected overseas jurisdictions

  • advising on UK tax issues for non-domiciled employees and the Remittance Basis Charge

  • preparing UK tax returns for your expat employees

If you require a “ghost” payroll to be run for employees who are assigned abroad but for whom you have to account for UK NIC, we can run your “ghost” payroll for a fixed fee and ensure you remain compliant in respect of your UK employees seconded overseas.