uk expat residing overseas

The tax issues relating to departure from the UK to work overseas can be complex, depending upon the length of the overseas contract and return visits to the UK and whether any business days will be undertaken in the UK. 

It is imperative to take professional advice when planning for overseas assignments and we can assist in ensuring that your UK status is determined correctly, especially in light of the new Statutory Residence Test which applies from April 2013. 

We can advise you on any ongoing UK tax reporting requirements and prepare your UK tax returns for a competitive fixed price.
Retiring abroad brings some challenges especially when dealing with HMRC and being able to establish that you have, in fact, ceased to be resident in the UK.  

If you retain assets (including funds in UK bank accounts) then this can impact on your residence status and you may be required to complete a UK tax return reporting UK source income.  We can advise on how to arrange your affairs so that you will be compliant in both jurisdictions and do not face penalties or interest for failure to report. 

The Double Tax Agreements specify where your different types of income (pension, employment, investment, rental etc) should be taxed and we can ensure that both jurisdictions apply the terms of the Double Tax Agreements correctly.

Capital gains tax planning is a complex area and we can advise on specific transactions in relation to residence status in order to minimise your global capital gains tax liabilities.