Marion Bechtold - Netherlands

Marion Bethford -  Expat and International Tax Advisor - Netherlands and BelgiumMarion has been advising on expat and international tax for well over twenty years.

Having started her career in 1990 in corporate tax, she rapidly found out that individual tax appealed more to her. Less than a year later, she changed her work to advising expats.

From 1995 onwards, Marion was heading the Expatriate Tax Services Group of Ernst & Young in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2005, she worked as an independent international tax and social security advisor, advising on all aspects of international personal tax and social security planning.

Living in the southern area of the Netherlands, she always has been very interested in Dutch-Belgian cross border tax and social security issues.

Hence, most of her work consists of advising cross border workers and entrepreneurs.  Over the past years, she therefore has developed her knowledge on the Belgian tax system. She is one of the members of the advising committee of ‘Stichting Grensarbeid’ (, a foundation looking after the interests of Dutch and Belgian cross border workers.

In her spare time, Marion loves horseback riding. She recently won a jumpcross competition – as one of the oldest competitors in the field!