Nicolò Bolla - Italy

Chartered Accountant ItalyNicolò is a Chartered Certified Accountant currently practicing in Parma (Italy). He is a member of the ACCA. His international studies in Italy, the UK and the USA allowed him to consolidate his special interests in international business and tax issues.
In 2015 he started his own practice firm Accounting Bolla fully devoted to help individuals and businesses in coping with taxation, accounting, and business issues regarding the Italian jurisdiction.

Accounting Bolla is fully committed to help individuals and businesses in managing their residency in Italy, starting up their businesses, acquiring and managing assets as well as protecting them adopting the best opportunities available in the Italian jurisdiction as well as the most tax efficient ones.

At Accounting Bolla we believe that the only way to prove as a reliable partner for our clients is providing a tailor made solution.
Our English speaking staff ensures that our clients are looked after providing them the highest standards of competence, integrity, and professionalism required by the profession.